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Emergency Services

Civil Air Patrol Emergency Services operations consist of various missions supporting a wide range of partners. Missions shown are currently available at a local level; however, more missions are available upon request and can be coordinated with the National Operations Center. 

Disaster Relief

CAP Disaster Relief missions scale from local sand bag operations and flooding air reconnaissance to hurricane-sized events. Our air crews, ground crews, and mission base staff generate a range of force multiplier assets we can provide local jurisdictions. 

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue in Montana is the jurisdiction of the local Sheriff; as such, CAP provides force multiplier and air reconnaissance services as requested by the local authorities. Ground teams, communications teams, and air crews are available at a local level. 

UAS Drone Program (in development)

Civil Air Patrol is developing a multi use drone program at the request of the United States Air Force. Search and Rescue crews can be equipped with a variety of drones to assist in operations. Fixed wing and rotor wing equipment are becoming available soon in your area. 

DAART (in development)

Civil Air Patrol assets are being equipped with DAART assets to assist in our Emergency Services operations. Both air and ground units will have DAART equipment available in the near future and will be able to transmit images and videos from the field to mission base 


Civil Air Patrol is activated by two sources: Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC) and the Civil Air Patrol National Operations Center (CAP NOC). When the mission is Search and Rescue or involves possible loss of life, utilize the AFRCC to activate CAP assets. In Disaster Relief missions or where loss of life is not a concern, contact the CAP NOC.

Air Force Rescue Coordination Center


Civil Air Patrol National Operations Center


Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) 

MOUs between your organization and Civil Air Patrol are available upon request. Initial requests can be made with your local unit, which will involve national and wing staff to coordinate the final agreement.

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