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Wings Program

Wings Program

CAP Cadets have the opportunity to earn their full Private Pilots Certificate at reduced or no cost. This, very competitive, program provides funds for cadets to work with a local instructor or CAP instructor to achieve the goal of getting their Private Pilots Certificate

  1. Be a current CAP cadet in good standing

  2. Cadet applies between Oct 1 and Dec 31

Ideal Applicants have
  1. Aircraft Ground Handling--Currency of Aircraft Ground Handling in eServices (within past 2 years) 

  2. Student Pilot Certificate--Current FAA Student Pilot Certificate 

  3. FAA Medical Certificate--At least an FAA Class III Medical Certificate (if applicable, not needed for glider).

  4. Solo Endorsement-- Solo endorsement does not need to be in the same type of aircraft to be considered an ideal candidate.

  5. FAA Airman Knowledge Test a/k/a written test-- Passing score, if you are a Young Eagle you may be eligible for reimbursement of your written test.

  6. Exhibiting the potential for continued CAP services as a Cadet Leader.

Signing up for scholarships:
  1. Cadets apply for scholarship through the "Cadet Invest" application in eServices: 


Additional scholarship are available for CAP Cadets thanks to various partners 

Signing up for scholarships:

Each scholarship has it's own requirements. Click below to get further information. 


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