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Gallatin Composite Squadron Receives Quality Cadet Unit Award!

March 5, 2020

Bozeman, Mont. – On February 3, 2020, Montana Wing Commander Colonel C. Warren Vest presented Gallatin Composite Squadron with The Quality Cadet Unit Award. This award is intended to motivate squadrons to achieve goals that lead to a healthy and thriving unit.

This award, based on objective scores, is available to all squadrons with 10 or more cadets. The award documentation begins in August every year and continues for one year. Every squadron is considered for the award, and, if a squadron completes six out of the ten award objectives they are guaranteed to receive the award.

All but one of these objectives relies on cadets to meet the standards. While the Gallatin Composite Squadron was not one of the units that met the criteria, they came very close. The squadron had 65% cadet participation in orientation rides, which came short of the required 70%. Of the required 60% General Emergency Services (GES) qualified cadets, the squadron had 57%. The cadets also came very close to meeting the Wright Brother Achievement criteria of 45% attainment, with a 43% attainment. The squadron struggled with the first-year cadet renewal, with only 27% renewal of the necessary 50%. However, it is important to note that the squadron only had very few new members, in 2018, who could contribute to this criterion.

Repeatedly the Gallatin Composite Squadron came within a hairsbreadth of meeting critical components of the Quality Cadet Unit Award. This perpetuation, combined with the squadron's exceptional performance in other categories of the award, such as the remarkable membership increase, earned the squadron a special circumstances exception. The Gallatin Composite Squadron proudly holds the sole Quality Cadet Unit Award in the Montana wing and will continue in pursuit of this award and the standards it condones in the year 2020.

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Cadet 1st Lt. David Hogenson

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