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5 Cadets Promote in the Gallatin Composite Squadron!

March 5, 2020

Bozeman, Mont. – Cadet airman Braden Talarico and Mary Wallace were promoted to the rank of cadet airman first class. They have been challenged to be self-motivated while studying leadership, aerospace, and drill movement. They both have been learning proper wear of both the Blues uniform and the Airman Battle Dress(ABU) uniforms. They are working toward their third achievement and highest airman rank of senior airman.

Cadet Sergeant Alana Almeria promoted to the rank of cadet Technical Sergeant, attaining her fourth achievement. She studied the principles of small group leadership, which she practices as an X-Ray flight sergeant. She also advanced her aerospace knowledge and learned how to guide a flight in various drill movements. In striving for her next promotion to the rank of senior master sergeant, she will learn more advanced leadership, aerospace, and drill, which she will apply in developing her flight. 

Cadet First Sergeant Zakkar Tusken attained his eighth Achievement. While this rank doesn’t come with a new pair of rank insignia, it is a crucial step for the development of cadets. He has learned all the material of a phase 1 and 2 cadets and holds the highest Non-Commissioned Officer rank. He is expected to display superior performance in his uniform preparation and drill performance. He has learned and practiced key skills in personally leading groups of varying sizes. He is currently striving to attain the Billy Mitchell Award and enter the ranks of cadet officer, where he will learn indirect leadership.

Cadet lieutenant David Hogenson received his eleventh achievement. In earning this promotion, he studied more advanced aerospace and the principle of being a commander. Also, for his staff duty analysis he created a media packed. He is now preparing for the Amelia Earhart Award and the rank of Captain.

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