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Unit Directory

Unit Contacts


phone: 406-599-2462

Emergency Service Operations

For missions involving search and rescue or life saving call the AFRCC 


For non life threatening mission call CAP National Operations Center



Squadron Commander - Capt Austin Troth


phone: (406) 599-2462

Deputy Commander - Vacant

Squadron NCO - MSgt Matthew Carlson

Cadet Command

Cadet contact information available through Squadron Commander for Official CAP business only

Cadet Commander - C/ Survoy

Executive Officer - Vacant

First Sergeant - C/ Kornachuk

Wing CAC Rep - C/ 

Wing CAC Assitant - C/ 

Alpha Flight Commander - C/ Tusken

Alpha Flight Sergeant - C/ Schwendeman

Bravo Flight Commander - Vacant

Bravo Flight Sergeant - Vacant

XRay Flight Commander and Recruiting Officer - C/ Almeria, A

XRay Flight Sergeant and Recruiting NCO - C/ Kirchmayr

Leadership Officer - C/ Brannon

Aerospace Officer - C/ Almeria, J

Emergency Service Officer - C/ Wallace, R

Safety Officer - Vacant

Public Affairs Officer - Vacant


Safety Officer - MSgt David Furniss

Administrative Officer - 1st Lt David Driscoll

Personnel Officer - Major Timothy Schober

Finance Officer - 1st Lt David Driscoll

Historian - Vacant

Professional Development Officer - MSgt Matthew Carlson 

Public Affairs Officer - 1st Lt Ken Oekerman

Recruiting and Retention Officer - Vacant

Cadet Programs

Deputy Commander for Cadets - TSgt Logan Aro

Character Development Instructor - Major Laura Furniss

Aerospace Education Officer - 2nd Lt Mark Novak

Squadron Leadership Officer - Vacant

Activities Officer - Vacant


Communications Officer - MSgt David Furniss

Search and Rescue Officer - Vacant

Emergency Services Officer - Major Tim Schober

Emergency Services Training Officer - 1st Lt Ken Oekerman

Operations Officer - Vacant


Logistics Officer - Vacant

Transportation Officer - Vacant


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