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About the Commander

Captain Austin Troth joined CAP as a cadet in 2005.  Through his cadet career, he earned qualifications as a Ground Team Member and Ground Team Leader, playing a pivotal role in the outstanding Emergency Services training in the squadron.  In 2010, he earned the coveted Billy Mitchell Award, completing the non-commissioned officer phase of the cadet program, and promoting into the cadet officer cadre.  After becoming a Senior Member in 2011, he continued his service to the squadron through continuing his role in Emergency Services training, as well as fulfilling the leadership position of Deputy Commander for Seniors, among several other staff positions.  Recently, he was appointed as Deputy Commander for the squadron in preparation for assuming command of the squadron, which took place on the 12th of March, 2019.

Captain Troth's statement of intent as a commander can be viewed in the document list on the right of this page.

Commander's Statement

It is my pleasure to serve the Civil Air Patrol and the Gallatin Composite Squadron as it's commander. My history with CAP started as a cadet and has been instrumental in the development of who I am today. I am very proud to serve as a ground team leader and hope to extend our capabilities into the emergency services world with both air and ground resources. The young adults I get to serve with are the reason I show up each week, they are the most important asset and investment we can have as they will serve as our future leaders both in CAP and out. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or comments, I am dedicated to seeing our unit grow and develop into an even stronger team then it already is. Semper Vigilans

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