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Gallatin Composite Squadron

About Gallatin Composite Squadron (RMR-MT-037)

Chartered in 1967, Gallatin Composite Squadron is a unit consisting of both cadet and senior members. Located in the beautiful Gallatin Valley we have the opportunity to work in some of the harshest and most breathtaking areas in the country.

Our emergency services program is growing and becoming more active each day, forming relationships with the local Sheriff's search and rescue posse, local COAD, and our local community. Ground Teams and Air Crews are the current focus as they are the most obvious needs to our community. The new Civil Air Patrol drone program is up and coming, our unit plans to train for and perform missions to support the Sheriffs office.

Volunteer service has always been at the forefront of our squadron's activities, performing service to our community through assisting in the operation of activities such as Huffing for Stuffing, the President's Plunge, and more.

Our cadet programs have always been highly active and at the front of our activities. The cadets learn valuable leadership, communication, and life lessons to help them grow into adult members of our community. These young adults learn the importance of our core values, integrity, volunteer service, excellence, and respect. Senior members assist in this development and oversee the education and training the cadets receive. 

We are actively looking for dedicated and energetic members of both cadet and senior age to help fulfill the missions laid out in front of us. If you are seeking this sort of team environment please reach out to us soon.

Thank you to our local community for the years of support.

For more information please visit the "join" page of this site and utilize the "request more information" link on the left. You can also check out our calendar for information about our upcoming meetings and events.


Weekly meetings are at the Belgrade National Guard Armory off Airport Road in Belgrade, MT

Commanders (Currently in Development)

March 2019 - Current

 Capt Austin Troth

Joined Feb 2005 as a cadet. Earned Mitchell award. Specializations in Cadet Programs and Emergency Services as Ground Team Leader

April 2017 - March 2019

1st Lt David Driscoll

Joined Sep 2000 as a cadet. Earned Mitchell award. Specializations in Aerospace and Cadet Programs

 - April 2017

Grayson Sperry



Col Mitch Edwards


June 2014 - 

Steven Potratz


Jul 2013 - June 2014

Maj Timothy Schober

Joined June 1990 as a cadet. Earn Eaker award. Specializations in Cadet Programs and Emergency Services as a Ground Team leader

Oct 2012 - July 2013

Steven Potratz


May 2006 - Oct 2012

Col Bob Radcliffe

Joined Oct 2003. Specializations in Emergency Services as a pilot. Former Montana Wing Commander

 - May 2006

Col Martin Bourque

Joined Apr 1994. Specialization in Emergency Services as a pilot. Former Montana Wing Commander



Currently In Progress









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