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Squadron Contact:

Commander: Austin M Troth, Captain, CAP

Phone: (406) 599 2462

Email: atroth@mtwg.cap.gov

Non-Profit Volunteers

Civil Air Patrol is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Funding for our organizations comes from many sources, these funds are usually earmarked for one specific area of our program. As CAP members are all volunteers, even up to our National Commander/CEO, funds, whether government sourced or locally fundraised, go directly to making our program better and never to paying CAP members. CAP commands at wing and above do have paid employees to handle the administrative needs of the program; however, these are not considered 'members of CAP' and do not wear CAP or USAF uniforms. Additionally, locally raised funds are kept assigned to the unit(s) that the donator specifies and are never moved without the specific permission of the unit which controls those funds. 

Federal Funding

The US Air Force funds CAP operations to support missions critical to Air Force goals. Our major equipment including: Aircraft, Radios, and Vehicles are procured using these funds. Emergency Services (ES) operations, specifically Search and Rescue, are funded by the US Air Force, while some ES operations are funded by clients such as FEMA or State jurisdictions.

Local Funding

Squadrons (local level) and wings (state level) are generally locally funded; some through State funds but mostly through donations. These funds are used by squadrons for facilities, recruiting materials, supporting the cadet program, scholarships, advertising, cadet uniform items, and minor equipment which makes our operations possible including: search and rescue gear and fuel for operations not specifically funded for ES missions. 

Cadet Costs

Cadets' costs vary depending on what year they are in the program. Below is a breakdown of how much a single cadet costs on average (without scholarships and assistance programs).

  • Year 1: 

    • Cadet Member costs ($935): $500 for uniforms, $35 for membership, $300 for encampment, $100 other activites

    • Unit Costs ($75): $30 for fuel, $15 for local chat software, $10 a year for ribbons/ranks/ribbon racks, $20 for general supplies and equipment

  • Year 2+:

    • Member costs ($435): $35 for membership, $300 for encampment, $100 other activites

    • Unit Costs ($75): $30 for fuel, $15 for local chat software, $10 a year for ribbons/ranks/ribbon racks, $20 for general supplies and equipment

How can you help your local unit?

The best way you can help your local unit is to join the program and donate your time to making our operations possible; however, units also require money to support our operations and make our efforts more successful. Donations can range from equipment and fuel cards to cash donations and anything else in between. 

Check donations can be made directly to your local unit, contact them to set up when/where to meet. This gives you the ability to dictate what part of CAP you wish to support, we only promise to specify using donations in one of our 3 main funding categories, Emergency Services, Cadet Programs, or Aerospace Education. If you wish to send an online donation to the Gallatin Composite Squadron, click on the donate now button above.

What might the squadron buy with these funds?

Each area of the program has financial goals that the squadron leadership has identified that would help in growing our program and our influence on cadets. Bolded items are high priority, Italic items are long-term goals, items crossed out were acquired this fiscal year thanks to generous donors. 

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